Monday, July 13, 2009

Which envelope will you choose?

I have two sealed envelopes in my hand. One says “no” while the other says “YES!” Which one will you choose?

Let’s face it. Just like every other aspect of our lives, no experience qualifies as a “one size fits all.” That’s true of this business as well. This business isn’t for everyone. Having your own home business requires the willingness to learn, a commitment to working toward your goals, a mindset for success and just plain old hard work. Heck, some people don’t even have goals. They just continue to wander through life hoping that somehow life will miraculously improve. Those individuals who do not possess a willingness to learn, commitment, a mindset for success or the dedication to put forth solid effort will select the “no” envelope. And that’s okay.

On the other hand, there are those that will not only select the “YES” envelope but will embrace all the possibilities that come along with having your own business. They understand that having your own business may be the only realistic way to improve their lives dramatically. These people have dreams. They can see themselves in a beautiful home. They can feel the warm sand underneath them as they picture in their mind the perfect vacation. They can feel the sun warming their skin as they think about the ability to spend their days at home with their children rather than sending them to daycare. They can smell the leather seats in their newly imagined sports car. And most of all, they know that the J.O.B. they currently have will NEVER be able to help them reach the lifestyle they want.

So which envelope do you want?

If you are ready for the “YES” envelope, you can begin a new chapter in your life by visiting:

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