Saturday, July 11, 2009

Going green?

Are you one of so many that have been trying their hardest to "go green"? I've been trying in several ways, I suppose. But I really stopped to think about how I'm doing just that in my everyday life without really thinking about it.

We recycle so much each week that sometimes we have more in our recycle bin than in our trash can. And the trash bin that's provided by our trash service is like 10 times bigger that the I've been trying to wash out the plastic storage bags that I use to store food in the fridge, unless it's just totally grease covered or something.

And as far as my businesses, I'm keeping clothes that my daughter is outgrowing that may have a cute pattern on them to use as a purse or strips of fabric for crafts.

The candles that I sell, which are the best smelling candles in the universe, are a blend of all natural waxes - primarily vegetable wax. The value that one gets from these candles is so terrific...they burn clean - that means that there is no "black stuff" on the inside of the candle after you burn it. This, in turn, means that there is no black stuff on your carpets, on your furniture, or in your lungs!! Now that's going green!! The candle industry is a 15 billion dollar industry, so think of how much better the world could be if all the candle lovers burned natural wax candles!!

All of the scents come in votives and melts or "tarts" as some of you call them. No flames with the melts if that is what one prefers. Check out these wonderful candles sometime.

Shop at

More info on owning your own business and showing others how they can too go green?

Now I'm off to shop with my son for a birthday present for his friend.

Take care!

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