Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Still on the hunt...for a J.O.B.

Okay, yes, I have huge dreams of making a living off of my candles and crafts...and I WILL someday. In the meantime, I still need the capital to get started. And I understand the getting started period could be a year or more. Therefore, I'm still on the job hunt. Today was tough...I searched online job postings like Career Builder, Monster, etc. as well as followed up with 3 recruiters and contacted a 4th with whom I've never spoken to before. I just don't know what it is...yes, I know "the economy" but that's just not enough to make the jobless feel much better. So that's how I spent the fist part of today.

Now for the latter half of the day or the BEST part. I concentrated on the candles and crafts. I spoke with a lead today who is ready to begin her own candle business by the end of this week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!! I'm finally on my way to building my team! This is really a great time to open your own candle business if you love candles and want to actually make money with them! The holidays are right around the corner and here in southeast Texas, candles just seem to go with the holiday season. I guess it's that way everywhere, but I sure have met quite a few VERY successful people in the candle business from Minnesota!! Maybe because it's cooler there most of the year, candles are just on people's minds more. If you're interested in shopping at my candle store, please visit http://www.flames4dreams.net/ and enter the weekly drawing for a FREE 16oz jar candle!! It's sponsored by the Company and should you win, the candle will be shipped right to your door! You can enter weekly! You can view a picture of the July 2009 Candle of the Month - Juniper Breeze on my website!

Did you notice the new background on my blog? Down under yesterday's post you'll see a button (link) that will take you to a place where you can get FREE blog backgrounds. So cool!! And it must be easy to do, because I was able to add it!! You can do it too! I'm not sure how to move that button, though!! If anyone knows how to do that, PLEASE let me know!! (still working on this hi-tech stuff!) I remember, years ago, how my best friend, Jerri, used to laugh at how slow I typed!! At that time, typing was just too hi-tech for me. Truth is she'd probably still laugh if she saw me type today!

Now, the craft I worked on today was yet another pair of flip flops. These are a little more dressy that the one's I've posted before. Tell me what you think!!

These are in size 9-10, but I'm about to make them in sizes 5-6 and 7-8. I've posted them in my Etsy store at http://www.cottageocrafts.etsy.com/ You'll find a better description of them there!

Still finalizing my wreath from a few days ago. I've added some red Christmas balls but I still need a bow. I'll post the picture when it's finished. There's just not enough time for all of the crafting when the kids are home!!

Thank you so much for viewing my blog and leaving your comments. I appreciate you all very much!

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  1. I love your new background! Hang in there!YOu are doing great!


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