Thursday, July 2, 2009

Christmas in July? is for me. If you're a crafter you know by now that it's time to start the application process for the fall craft shows. I'm new to this you know, so I'm having to begin several Christmas projects ahead of time. Many of the craft shows are juried...which means they want pictures of your items for sale so that they can "vote" on whether or not you can participate in their show.

Shows I'm thinking about? Well, if you're in the Houston area, there's going to be one at the Northwest Forest Business Center. It's located on Telge road in Cypress, Texas just past the La Hacienda restaurant. The date of the fair is November 20th. They're expecting 2000 - 2500 visitors. WOW!! I'll need to be accepting credit cards for payment by then!! If you look in local papers you'll see that the shows will be advertised. I'll post more throughout the month.

So, here's one of the Christmas wreaths that I've started on. Lesson #1 (I'm learning the hard way): Don't use very nice EXPENSIVE fabric on this particular kind of wreath. Because in the end you can't really see the fabric!!! :( I think it will turn out nice in the end though. I'll just need to add various embellishments, like glittery pine cone/berry picks and a nice bow (definitely need a Bowdabra - Wal Mart's the cheapest). Here are some pictures:

Items you'll need: 4in square pieces of fabric (pinked), glue, screw driver, and straw wreath with plastic left ON.

Here is the nice fabric that you SHOULDN'T use.
Below: poke the screwdriver into the middle of the fabric piece and dip into diluted glue.

Next push into wreath form. Alternate different fabric squares.

This wreath is very "silvery". That's why I'll need to add the berries, and a nice bow - maybe made of silver and red ribbon or silver and green ribbon. I don't know yet. I'll post the finished product soon!!

I'll also be posting a picture of some "pink-a-dot" flip flops later today as well.

Thanks for following today!!

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