Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You've got to start to see the finish line

Excellent quote given to us from one of the ladies in my candle business:

"Remember that if you don't go to the starting line, you will never view the whole course with all its possibilities. And you will certainly never see the glories of the finish line."

~~ Amby Burfoot, The Runner's Guide to the Meaning of Life

So true...a great reminder to those of us who have always wanted to start their own business. And this is really the perfect time. From my perspective, with the economy the way it is right now, we're all at the same "starting line". We all have the same chance...so why not give it a shot?! The candle company that I have found offers a great way for any man or woman to start their own business. Want to check it out? www.Flames4Dreams.info

Not only do I have my own candle business, but I've also taken the plunge in starting my own handmade crafts as well. Someday I hope to have a shop where I can carry both. My goal is two to five years. If I do a little each day, I have just as good a chance as anyone to succeed.

It appears that my entrepreneurial spirit has rubbed off on my kiddos....they've set up a lemonade stand today!! They want to save up for a Wii. Yes, we're one of a very few families, I suppose, that do not have a Wii. I told them that if they keep up the good work through their sales plus chores, they'll get there.

Sometimes that's easier said than done, I know. Let's just reread the runner's quote from above.

Take care!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Which envelope will you choose?

I have two sealed envelopes in my hand. One says “no” while the other says “YES!” Which one will you choose?

Let’s face it. Just like every other aspect of our lives, no experience qualifies as a “one size fits all.” That’s true of this business as well. This business isn’t for everyone. Having your own home business requires the willingness to learn, a commitment to working toward your goals, a mindset for success and just plain old hard work. Heck, some people don’t even have goals. They just continue to wander through life hoping that somehow life will miraculously improve. Those individuals who do not possess a willingness to learn, commitment, a mindset for success or the dedication to put forth solid effort will select the “no” envelope. And that’s okay.

On the other hand, there are those that will not only select the “YES” envelope but will embrace all the possibilities that come along with having your own business. They understand that having your own business may be the only realistic way to improve their lives dramatically. These people have dreams. They can see themselves in a beautiful home. They can feel the warm sand underneath them as they picture in their mind the perfect vacation. They can feel the sun warming their skin as they think about the ability to spend their days at home with their children rather than sending them to daycare. They can smell the leather seats in their newly imagined sports car. And most of all, they know that the J.O.B. they currently have will NEVER be able to help them reach the lifestyle they want.

So which envelope do you want?

If you are ready for the “YES” envelope, you can begin a new chapter in your life by visiting: http://CandlesByLisa.scent-team.com/registration/join.php

Quote from Bill Cosby

"I don't know the key to success....but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."

~~Bill Cosby

I like to think of this quote each time I begin to get overwhelmed in what I'm doing now. I started a candle business (http://www.flames4dreams.info/) but I wanted to add something personal to my business that I created, so I started my Etsy store as well.

I've sold many candles - they are awesome candles - and I'm working people who are interested in starting their own home businesses to show them the opportunity that my parent company can provide.

I also love creating...in comes my handmade items and a million other ideas that I have for more handmade items. This results in the overwhelmed feelings. When I read this quote again today, it helped me to take a step back and concentrate on the first creation I had and why I wanted to share it with others. I realized that this early in the game, I need to stick with what I'm doing now for now....stick with what makes me happy and not what I think other people will want. I'm keeping my other ideas in a journal for the future when it's the right time to branch out.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Going green?

Are you one of so many that have been trying their hardest to "go green"? I've been trying in several ways, I suppose. But I really stopped to think about how I'm doing just that in my everyday life without really thinking about it.

We recycle so much each week that sometimes we have more in our recycle bin than in our trash can. And the trash bin that's provided by our trash service is like 10 times bigger that the recycle...box. I've been trying to wash out the plastic storage bags that I use to store food in the fridge, unless it's just totally grease covered or something.

And as far as my businesses, I'm keeping clothes that my daughter is outgrowing that may have a cute pattern on them to use as a purse or strips of fabric for crafts.

The candles that I sell, which are the best smelling candles in the universe, are a blend of all natural waxes - primarily vegetable wax. The value that one gets from these candles is so terrific...they burn clean - that means that there is no "black stuff" on the inside of the candle after you burn it. This, in turn, means that there is no black stuff on your carpets, on your furniture, or in your lungs!! Now that's going green!! The candle industry is a 15 billion dollar industry, so think of how much better the world could be if all the candle lovers burned natural wax candles!!

All of the scents come in votives and melts or "tarts" as some of you call them. No flames with the melts if that is what one prefers. Check out these wonderful candles sometime.

Shop at http://www.flames4dreams.net/

More info on owning your own business and showing others how they can too go green? http://www.flames4dreams.info/

Now I'm off to shop with my son for a birthday present for his friend.

Take care!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Back at it...

Well I've been out of pocket for the day. I had to get some house cleaning done. Oh, and my dishwasher is broken!! Sheeesh. Look at this!

Working on a new ribbon wreath now all in fall colors. With the holiday shows coming up, I'm beginning to get a little overwhelmed with what I should be working on and what I need to have for each of the shows. I suppose for this next week I'm just going to focus on what I need for Bay City on the 18th.

Focus. This is what I need to do!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Etsy mini

Wow!! I added my Etsy mini to my blog!! I know it's not all that exciting to most...but it is to me! I had no idea I'd be able to get the hang of the technology!! If I can do this, anyone can for sure.

First Christmas Wreath!

It's done...for the most part. I think I need to add one more pine cone pick to the bottom left side. But....here it is (for those who don't remember, this was the wreath I was making back several posts ago):

Close up:

I don't think it turned out all that bad for being my first one! I did learn a lot though...don't use really expensive fabric - especially if you want the pattern to show. I'm in the middle of a knotted wreat using the same fabric. I think you'll be able to see it much better.

Let me know if you like it!!