Sunday, June 14, 2009

Welcome to my blog!

Hello out there!

Although I've worked for many years in Corporate America, I've still considered myself "technologically challenged". So starting my own blog is a HUGE step for me.

I have been married now to Rick, my best friend, for twelve years. I am a mother of two beautiful, yet challenging, children. Sarah is 8 and Ricky is 7. I was let go from my Corporate America accounting manager position at the beginning of this year. It's now mid-June and I have still not yet landed a new position. I know that there are many, many folks out there that can relate. Luckily, my husband has had steady work. If it weren't for that, we'd be wiped out. After the initial shock of the whole thing, I began to see the many opportunities that I was given. I've enjoyed taking my kids to school, walking them home, eating dinner and doing homework at reasonable times in the evening, and being Team Mom for my son's baseball team. I've never been able to do any of these things in the past and I absolutely love it.
In an attempt to find ways of earning money from home so that I don't have to spend the rest of my life in the Corporate America rat race, I searched the Internet for home based businesses. After researching and researching some more, I came across a company that teaches people how to open their own candle business - they are the maker of the cleanest burning/best smelling natural wax gourmet candles in the world. I LOVE candles. And this debt free company won me over instantly. There is so much potential to earn more money that I ever thought possible!! So I became a distributor. I've sold my candles to family, friends, neighbors, and I take them to various shows and trade days in the towns around Houston. I'm beginning to take the next step of building my own team of distributors - people like me to truly enjoy being home with their families and living by their own schedule. If you're interested in learning more, my candle website is: You can also sign up for a weekly drawing to win a 16oz jar candle!!
Although I love and have fun with my candle business, there's always been something else that I have loved to do and had a knack for...crafting. I've always loved to tinker with projects like homemade gifts. Usually the easy kind, like cross-stitch, or especially the no-sew fabric projects. So over the last couple of months, I've started projects like decorating flip-flops (my daughter loves them!) for kids as well as women. I've had some Oooos and Aaahhhhs and a few buyers. Then my wheels began to turn faster and I started other fabric projects, like Wreaths and Garland. I've also kind of leaned toward the Prim/Americana decor as well, so my projects (the wreaths and garland) reflect this type of taste. I also like the Cottage decor too. The more I think about going back to work, the more I think about how I can take these other interests of mine and make them work for me and my family!! Yes, I am an accountant, but I also have a right side to my brain!! So, I applied for a Sales and Use tax number and sent off for my DBA registration. I was told at the bank that you have to register for a DBA with the county before you can open a business checking account. I'm so excited about this I can't sit still. I'm usually up until very late at night working on my projects after the rest of my family has gone to bed.
The name of my business? The Crafty Cottage!! You'll be the first to know my craft business website as soon as it's available!
I know it will take a while to get off the ground...but I am willing to do whatever it takes to make this happen. My mother tells me that since I've been home, I don't seem as "angry" anymore. I never realized that I was taking out all of my work-related stresses out on my family that much. I owe it to my family and to myself to succeed in my new business. My ultimate dream is to have my own store where I can sell my homemade crafts as well as the Mia Bella candles! I want to give others the joy that I have found in crafting and the opportunity to have their own home based business.
I hope you will join me in my journey and be there with me the day my dream comes true! I'd love to hear from those of you who can relate to my story as well as those who have started or plan to start their own crafting business.
Take care, Lisa

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